Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fort Lewis Elementary 2015 Award Ceremony

The last day of school FLES has an awards ceremony.  I enjoy going, but it's so bitter-sweet.  Inevitably, some students leave the auditorium crying because they didn't receive an award or awards.  I think it's a good experience for those who deserve the awards and those who didn't because it keeps everyone striving for improvement and handwork, creating goals.

We had a great year this year.  Ty made the "A Honor Roll".  I recall, at last year's award ceremony, Mrs. Klimaitis, the principle, saying to the 3rd graders who made "A Honor Roll", "Way to go boys and girls on receiving A Honor Roll. Now next year, not as many students will probably make A Honor Roll because 4th grade is the toughest year!" It really was a year filled with such a heavy work load, but Ty, on his own, accomplished it again. He has received the A Honor Roll every year that he was eligible.  He definitely has daddy's brains.  LOL!  
Ty also received an award as one of the top fundraiser's for St. Jude's Research Hospital.  He received the award from BOTH his school and also from St. Jude's Hospital itself. Last year, Ty was the second runner up, raising $530.00 and this year he was the 3rd runner up raising $470.00.  We had MANY friends and family members who contributed to Ty's goal of $600.00 and without their kind donations, Ty would NOT have received these awards.  
All of our children received the "Star Student" award for outstanding attendance.  FLES used to give a PERFECT attendance award in addition to the Outstanding Attendance award, but FLES did away with PERFECT attendance because parents, ahem... ME... were sending their kids to school sick.  Haha.  I didn't really ever send my kids to school sick, but two years ago I sent Ty to school with a mild concussion.  I thought it was just a bad headache.  In my opinion, I like that they did away with that award because now it almost gives our family permission to take a personal day or a vacation day IF needed.
I HAVE to learn how to capture photos in the auditorium before graduation day next year! YES... my boy is a 5th grader now.  It's so hard to believe.
Ty also received the "Karate" award for his skill level at the recorder.  This is NOT an award that everyone received.  
The final award Ty received was the "Student Council" award.  Ty was voted in by his peers to be the Vice President of his school.  It was a honor for him to receive such a position.  Ty spent once a month, throughout the school year, going to SCA meetings after school. 

Ty is excited to run for President this coming year. We are already talking slogans and trying to gather some thoughts for his posters. In the past, the kids voted on positions before the school year ended, but they switched it.  The elections will take place in the Fall!
It's always a blessing to see our children receive awards.  I pray it continues in the years to come!

*PS.  Ty also passed all of his SOLs with an Advanced Pass grade.  #superproudmom

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