Monday, June 1, 2015

We Survived SOL Testing!

The fourth graders, at Fort Lewis Elementary School, SURVIVED their SOL testing!!!! Yay! To celebrate, the teachers planned for the students to have a beach party! I signed up to bring a salty snack. All of the foods and drinks were suggested to be designed around the beach party theme, so I decided to serve our salty snacks in beach buckets! Taking it one step further, I created two printables to stick onto the buckets, making it more fun and festive.  
What was the snack?  I served beach balls Utz Cheese Balls.
I snagged a beach bucket, that Lilah and Jax just received, and dumped the cheese balls into it. (Front of bucket)
(Back of bucket)
Isn't it incredible what a creative serving "platter" and a fun printable will do for a such a non-original, salty snack? I designed this printable all on my own and I am very proud of it.  Would you like to use it too?  Click here.
 The next snack was pool noodles  Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws.
Front of bucket.
 Back of bucket!
How adorable, right? Do you wish to use this label too?  Click here.
Congratulations 4th graders on a job well done!!!

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  1. Wow! Those are both cute, but the pool noodles idea is particularly creative! You, go, girl! :)


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