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Preserving Time!

This post was originally posted on our old blog titled, Two-rrific Twins, but I am RANDOMLY adding it to our current blog because TheStir.CafeMom is asking for ideas for capturing a baby'1st birthday. I would prefer our current blog receive the traffic/recognition for the features we receive  on TheStir. 
For Lilah and Jaxon's 1st birthday, we decided to echo what we did for Tyson ~ a time capsule. 
If you've never heard of this before, let me explain. We asked our guests to bring an item that is representative of Lilah and Jaxon's 1st year of life (2009-2010). Lilah and Jaxon will not be permitted to unseal the box until they turn 18.

I spent countless hours trying to come up with a clever and polite way to do this. It's never easy requesting your guests to bring something to your party. I try not to boast in much, other than Christ, but these little boogers made me all giddy inside. Along with the party invitation, I inserted a homemade mickey mouse or minnie mouse silhouette. If the guest was a boy, he got the Mickey Mouse insert and if the guest was a girl, she got the Minnie Mouse insert. Each silhouette was hand cut and taped to card stock. Afterwards, I created a "bow tie" for Mickey and a "bow" for Minnie out of grosgrain ribbon. Finally, I purchased black glitter and used it for the ears. This added a special dimension and shine to the insert. For those of you who complained about black glitter all over their home, imagine what my home went through making over 40 of these.
The insert read:
"Soon we'll be one, time passes so fast,
So we're gathering a collection of things from our past.
Think of things reminiscent to our special day,
Then mommy and daddy will hide them away.
When we turn eighteen we will open our presents
And reflect on our lives when we were once infants.
Bring pictures, receipts, anything that will show,
Just how different life is to the world we now know.
We know we are loved, you show it so well,
But whether life is the same in 2027 only time will tell."
We are very grateful for everyone who participated in this fun event. We received a nice collection of items, not to mention some of you were very creative. A few of my favorite items were:

The Loader Family: Bekka captured her children shopping at the grocery. She captured every move. From walking in the store, to placing food in the shopping cart, to checking out, and then delivering the food to the food bank drive. Bekka created a gorgeous and professional photo book (2 of them). Their gift to Lilah and Jaxon was a food donation and their time capsule gift was documentation of it.

The Williams Family: Brett and Jody recorded, on cd, the first time Darren and I shared our testimony in front of our Church body. Lilah and Jaxon will get to hear that on cd one day (if a cd player exists).

The Crisafi Family: My step-mom purchased a precious heart-shaped hand print mold for Lilah and Jaxon to imprint their hands onto. In 18 years, they will be able to compare their hand size to when they were once 1.

The Shelor Family: Tabby enclosed the cell phone that I called her on to tell her that I had just found out I was having twins. She was the first person I called.

The Pierce Family, Kaitlyn Barnette, Maddie Benson, & Gram: All included sweet letters to our dear children. Every single one focused on their desire for Christ to be their treasure.

The Hurley Family: An old ipod. It will be hilarious to see what Apple comes out with in the next 18 years, compared to the year 2009.

The Maxey Family: In 2009, Puerto Rico came out with their first quarter. We received two of them.

Reid and Renee Bolling + Nanna Bolling: A gold USA coin worth $5.00. It's itty bitty, but very cool. We also received two of them.

The Carroll Family: A list of popular baby names for 2009. Jackson was #3 (even though he spells his name Jaxon) and Lila was #52 (even though her name is spelled Lilah).

The Fernandez Family: A copy of Aaron's speeding ticket (one of many) in 2009 and the cost associated with speeding.

The Maggi Family: (3) Cds FULL of the parties details and guests. She's an amazing photographer.

The Higginbotham Family: A family photo and (2) Mickey/Minnie 2009 snow globes. Jill, I assume that was you?

The Shaffer Family: A copy of worship songs. Gretchen is the worship leader at our church. She has a passion for music, so with the cd she wrote a note that read, "It will be interesting to see how music changes in the next 18 years."

The Harris Family: A 2009 newspaper. I assume this was you Ashley?

Mommy, Daddy, and Tyson: I enclosed all of the party details. Daddy is enclosing the party video on dvd. I also plan to turn the blog of their first year of life into a book and put that in there as well.

Who can claim the grocery store receipt?

I apologize if I missed anyone. I was going to list my favorites, but they all were very cute and creative in their OWN way.

For those of you who could not make it to the party, I hope you still plan to add to the time capsule. The more that is added to it, the more exciting the box will be to open in 18 years. Kaitlyn, Shawn, Elise/Destiny, Uncle David, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Morgan, Aunt Whitney, Uncle Paul, The Reid Family, and The Schoonover Family, I will haunt you until you add to this box.  Haha.  

I was having a difficult time deciding on what to use as the time capsule box. I wanted the box to be big, beautiful, masculine and feminine, and theme related, but being they will be opening their time capsule on their 18th birthday, I didn't want it to scream Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. I worked hand in hand with a very talented woman in California. She normally makes photo boxes for brides, but I had her step out of her shell and design a box that worked for the theme of Lilah and Jaxon's party.

Enjoy some of the pictures below of the insert and the time capsule box. All photos below are compliments of Shannon Maggi.


  1. Such an awesome and amazing gift that they can look back on when they are 18 :)


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