Friday, April 17, 2015

Mommy Time! ~ Roanoke, VA

During an unexpected "snow day", I took the kids to a new place in the Tanglewood Mall called "Mommy Time!" Yes, I really am this behind on my blogging. Sigh... Mommy Time is for busy moms who want an opportunity to leave their children in an indoor playground, up to 2 hours, so they can shop or finish their business - all while having both the parent and
the child happy and stress free. Parents are also welcomed to stay. I chose to stay! I enjoy watching my children enjoy things.
The indoor playground is a quality indoor playground, with soft contained play structures, slides, and imagination-inspiring play areas for children ages 3 to 12.
My children did enjoy it for the first hour, but we purchased a 2 hour visit.  By the end of the first hour, Ty was ready to go. The first hour occupied him simply because it was a new experience, but most all of the play structures (other than video games and a chalkboard wall) were geared for the younger children.
The twins were content to stay the full two hours.
I guess for the darkest/coldest of months, this venue is another viable option for something to do, but I also thought it was a tad expensive.  I think my bill was $32 for 2 hours of play!  A little steep if you ask me.
I also would not recommend leaving your child there, unattended. I had to break up an actual argument that was ensuing. Had I NOT been there, I am not sure who or how it would have been handled. Jax was minding his own business, playing video games on a bean bag, and some kid just came up to him and started wrestling with him for the remote.
I was thankful that my children could at least experience it once because they had been asking for a while if they could go. I highly doubt it's something we would do again! Mommy Time did accomplish somethings though: it got out a TON of their bottled up energy AND I was able to organize my junk bag and coupon book.
You can view a short 15 second instagram video of their time spent there!

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