Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Thought He Was Sleeping, But He's SNOT!

On the way home from a long day of basketball, puppy training, and errands, Jax fell asleep in the van.  Darren happened to look, at Jax, in his rear view mirror and said, "OH MY GOSH, look, look!!! You have got to take a picture of that!"  You know me... I ALWAYS have my camera on hand. Jax has been so sick.  He's on the mends now, but he still has quite a bit of drainage.  I guess that is one way to drain it.  Lol! I know one day, when Jax is older, he'll say, "Mom, that picture is SNOT funny!"
Sadie was in the van and I was joking around saying, "Imagine if Sadie went up to him and licked it off!"  You know dogs, they have no shame in eating the oddest and grossest things.  
Then, the unthinkable, but oh so predictable happened!  Sadie licked Jax clean.  The funniest part is that Jax never woke up through any of this, not even his doggie bath.  

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