Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cami Receives Jesus As Her Lord & Savior!! #baptism

Today was a very special day at Church AND abroad.  Two of my favorite people received Jesus, into their lives, as their Lord and Savior...Cami and Carlene (my step-mom). Carlene had accepted Jesus into her life years ago, but she was having a difficult time getting "re-baptized" because she felt it would diminish her infant baptism aka she was holding on to her Catholic ways and this was the last thing she needed to let go of to really be "born again". Praise God for her willingness to have immediate obedience rather than delayed obedience.
We've known Cami since she was 5 1/2 years old. She is definitely a family favorite.  We have watched her grow from a young child to a beautiful pre-teen.  She is very much a lovely, little lady and admired by my Liley bow.  I definitely see the evidence of Jesus Christ, in her life.

Cami's father is the pastor of our church.  So her daddy, our pastor, baptized her.
She was nervous!
"Cami, do you acknowledge that Jesus died for you? That is was buried, rose again, and is seated at the right had of God the father? Do you believe is our Lord & Savior?
"I baptized you..."
"In the name of the father..."
"And of the son..."
"And of the Holy Spirit..."
And the audience yelled, "Jesus Is Lord!"
It was definitely a special father/daughter moment.
As proud momma stood to the side and cried!
We love you Cami! We are thankful for God's grace in your life. We know you will glorify His name through your walk with the Lord.  May you use this beautiful, spiritual milestone to bring others to salvation. Congratulations to you, as well, Carlene!!!!

Four others received Christ into their lives today and got baptized.  Baptism is a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  If you wish to know more about Jesus and/or baptism, please do NOT hesitate to message me.  Enjoy ALL of the photos below by viewing the Picasa Web album.

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