Saturday, March 14, 2015

Buster's Dog Maze Bowl!

I don't think our "Sadie girl" is any different than most puppies or dogs.  EVERY TIME a dog eats it seems like they believe it's their last supper.  The food is not enjoyed, but rather inhaled.  We have been feeding Sadie two cups, three times a day.  She was devouring 2 cups of food in about 60 seconds.  Darren and I spoke to our trainer about it and she suggested the Buster's Dog Maze Bowl.  We were trying to avoid canine bloat, which can kill a dog. Bloat is a condition that usually develops suddenly, usually in a healthy, active dog. The dog may have just eaten a large meal, exercised vigorously before or after eating, or drank a large amount of water immediately after eating. We also preferred that Sadie TASTE her high end food before ingesting it.  Here is Buster's Dog Maze Bowl.    
It really does resemble a maze.  Just envision a small insect walking through this maze bowl.  The benefits of this bowl 1. Dogs love a challenge.  This bowl definitely challenges them.  2. This bowl stimulates their senses and helps promote prolonged eating.  3.  Dishwasher safe.  I use the bowl for Sadie's breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I also tend to use it for those times I give her blueberries, carrots, or sliced apples too!  
We paid $22.00 on Amazon!
Now, it takes Sadie about 15-17 minutes to eat her food. I tried to record her start to finish eating, from the maze bowl, but I ran out of memory on my iPhone.  

Give it a whirl! Let me know if your dog seems to enjoy it or if she/he's upset that she/he has to work for her/his food!  LOL!

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