Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WE Survived 100 Days Of Kindergarten!!!!

YES... WE, teachers, parents, and children, survived 100 days of kindergarten so far. It's a huge adjustment for parents and kids alike. Getting your little ones up before the sun rises, expecting them to be engaged for longer than 20 minutes of Dora, no nap, learning how to read, homework assignments, paperwork galore, packing snack bags, packing lunch boxes, a field trip to Washington, D.C., classroom parties, illness, peer pressure, trends, and so much more.  WE DID IT! We survived!!!!! This calls for a celebration. A 100 Days Of School Celebration!!!

The kindergarten teachers asked each student to bring in 100 of the same items.  Today, Lilah is bringing in 100 cupcake erasers.  
The kindergarteners will be doing a variety of counting techniques, using the items that everyone brought in.  I found these 60 erasers, for $1.00, in the Dollar Days bins, at Target.  Obviously, I had to buy two bags.
My Jaxey-Jo is bringing in 100 rainbow colored popsicle sticks.  He was so concerned that there wasn't really 100 in the bag.  He said, "What if the store didn't count them right?"  So sweet.
 Dollar Tree find of course...100 sticks for $1.00
As the classroom mom, I decided to surprise those 21, hard-working kindergarteners with some special surprises. I bagged up some delicious cookies to look like the number 100.
What type of cookies did I use?  I used a sugar waffers, Keebler fudge a striped cookie, and a lemon sugared cookie.  I love the finished look of the 100.
I made a very small goodie bag for "Class Dixon" to take home. Inside each bag there is a glow stick bracelet, a single pack of smarties, and a sheet of $100 bill stickers.  The kindergarteners are officially "brighter", "smarter", and "richer" aka more rich, now that they have been in school for 100 days, have 20+ new friends, and have been blessed with an amazing teacher.
I sealed the goody bags with navy and yellow ribbon; Fort Lewis Elementary School's colors.  
I am also sending the kids home with their very own $100 bill! Yahoooooo!
Finally, I couldn't forget our dear teachers.  Even though this celebration is really for the kindergartners, being it's really THEIR 100th day of public school, I included Ty's teachers in on this gift idea too. I didn't want to go over board, but I did want to incorporate the number 100 into this gift.  So... each teacher is receiving a 100 grand chocolate candy bar, a lottery ticket, a pack of lifesavers mints, and a $100 bill- fake of course.  Hehe.  I will enclose a note that reads,
WE did it!!! We survived the first 100 days of school!!!  You couldn’t pay me 100 Grand to do what you do for my children.  You are a lifesaver!!!!!! I hope the lottery ticket is a winner and  it doubles your salary, making every day at Fort Lewis Elementary School worth it!!!!
And just to be silly, I bought the app "aging booth", .99 cents, to see what the twins would look like when they are 100 years old.  These photos make me want to cry.  
I wonder if LIlah will still be wearing hair bows when she has grey hair. LOL! Doubtful, but she could totally pull it off.
Here is Tyson!
Yes...I gave the app a try too! Ewe!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely NOT a very attractive elderly woman.  Good thing there is such a thing as botox.  LOL!
"Every little thing is a BIG deal to me!!!!" But of course you know that about me if you read my blog on a regular basis.  You never know when your last day, in this life, will end so I try my best to make every event special, fun, and memorable, EVEN the celebration of my kids 100th day in kindergartenl!!!

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