Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?!?!

**DISCLAIMER: Before reading this post, I would like to mention that this gift is only shared for those who are 21 years of age and older.  In addition, as a Christian, I do NOT condone the use of alcohol in excess. An occasional drink, from time to time, is all that takes place in our home. I do NOT make a practice of advertising alcohol or gifts that entail alcohol. If my memory serves me correctly, this is only the second time I have ever mention alcohol on our blog. Again, it is NOT a part of our daily lives and I pray it is NOT a part of your daily lives either.**

After being together with someone for over 22+ years, it's getting next to impossible to find new/unique ways to show your hubby that you care.  I will rack my brains for HOURS trying to think of things that Darren will enjoy.  On Valentine's Day, let's face it, the gifts are geared mostly toward women: a heart-shaped box of chocolate, jewelry, lingerie, and flowers. If your husband is creative like mine, he gives you some of that and then a little bit of THIS. His "this" is usual something he's thought up on his own, not something that is a traditionally given gift. It's been a good 5 years or more since I have received flowers.  I think they are definitely beautiful and add to the ambiance of any room, but I also think they are a HUGE waste of money.  A while back, I asked Darren to NEVER buy me flowers again. To me, they are just another thing to care for and something you watch die. Why don't you just flush $50 down the toilet.  It would be the same thing.  YES... in an earlier post, you may have read that I collected money, for the twins' teacher, to give her roses. I truly feel like that is the ONLY time giving flowers seems right.  If you are only having to dish out $1 here or there than it's no real loss.  

I thought it would be cute to give Darren a "dozen roses" for Valentine's Day, but not the kind that you throw out.  The kind that you enjoy over a long time frame.  How does your garden grow? His garden grew 12 "roses" which came in the form of airplane bottles (as you've seen above).  In order to complete this cute "flower bouquet" you will need the following:
1. A Flower Pot
2. A Floral Foam Square
3. Wooden Skewers
4. A Hot Glue Gun
5. Liquor Bottles Of Your Choice
6. Crinkle Paper
7. Embellishments
To make the arrangement colorful and fun, I went to the liquor store and purchased 6 white and 6 gold bottles. I tried to purchase the higher end liquor because this is a gift. Many of these Darren has never tried, but I'm hoping I made some wise selections. Being a bar tender LOOOOONG ago definitely came in handy for this gift.
 Next, hot glue a wooden skewer to the back of each airplane bottle.
This literally took 30 seconds!
Finally, assemble.  Your bouquet can be designed anyway you like! I was doing this "craft" in between a load of laundry, so it doesn't look overly precise.  I don't really think it has to though.  After assembly is complete, add crinkle paper to cover the floral foam cube.  
Darren received this on Sunday, February 15th. I was a little behind on my gift giving, to him, because of everything we had going on, but it wasn't like I ran out Saturday to collect everything.  All of his gifts had been collected and purchased for over a week prior to Valentine's Day if not longer.  Anyway, my point being, only one "bloom" is missing since February 15th.  This bouquet of roses will definitely last Darren several months.  I cannot stress enough that this gift was more about the creativity behind it than the fact that Darren actually partakes in an occasional cocktail.  

If your spouse does not enjoy an occasional cocktail, this gift idea could still be replicated using other items: k-cups, lottery tickets, protein bars, candy, tools, and so much more. Don't be afraid to get creative. 

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