Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine's Day LOVE SHACKS!!!

In a clockwise order, our supplies were Wilton Heart-Shaped Sugar Candies, Heart-Shaped Gummies, Heart-Shaped PINK Marshmallows, Wilton Neon Heart-Shaped Candies, Strawberry Shredded Wheat, Wilton Sprinkle Beads, Wilton [Hugs and Kisses] Sugar Candies, Conversation Hearts, Rose Gummies, Valentine M&Ms, Short Bread Cookies, and Valentine Candy Corns.  We also had peppermints and heart-shaped lollipops.  It was quite a nice selection.

Our reusable Candy Cottages have REALLLLY been a great investment.  We have made Halloween houses, Christmas houses, and now... LOVE SHACKS!

This was the FIRST time I was able to make a candy cottage.  I was so excited and so were the twins.  They harassed me ALLLL day to make them.  Designing "Love Shacks" was in the plan, but just not as quickly as they had hoped.
We frosted our homes and got to work decorating our plastic houses.
Or licking our fingers.
Daddy was watching football, so he was our camera man!
They look really into it, don't they?  Well... this only last about 25-30 minutes because our sweet puppy wanted to play chase.  Tyson was at a sleepover, birthday party, so that is WHY you don't see him in these photos.
This was definitely a task that requires patience and a useful tongue willing to lick frosting off of fingers.

The end result wasn't bad, but I don't claim to be an artist by any stretch of the imagination.  
I put the frost on really thick, so it was very heavy and kept sliding off of the side of the roof.  I had to do this tic-tac-toe roof TWICE.  Shoot me... haha.
Either way, it was made with "LOVE".
Heart-felt love, hehe!
I just love everything about Valentine's Day, the colors, the idea of loving people in an extra special way, more than normal, and the romance that goes along with it.  If I could turn the exterior of our home into a Valentine's Day Love Shack for a few weeks, I would.  It's SO FUN to look at!!!

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