Sunday, January 25, 2015

Evelyn, A Classmate, Turns 6!

This weekend was seriously the most jam packed weekend we've had in years.  We had a total of 3 basketball games, puppy training, church, and three birthday parties. The only party I attended was for one of the twins' classmates, Evelyn, at the Green Ridge Recreation Center. I think it's wonderful when the kids get to spend some time together, with their peers, outside of the structured, classroom setting.  
Evelyn turned 6!!! She invited her entire kindergarten class to celebrate with her. Evelyn's party included pizza, cake, and swimming!!!! We also got to enjoy watching Evelyn open up all of her presents.  
Big brother Ty came along!!!
Jax LOVED the whirlpool and hot tub the most.
Below: Evelyn enjoying the pool!
Evan and Cheyanne!
Ben's little brother!
These kids will be spending the next 12 years together, so capturing these photos will come in handy one day....ahem...graduation day :)
These photos are my favorite.  I love that I was able to capture these action shots, which included the splashes, the laughter, and all of the rough play!
Little Matthew checking things out! Playing it safe!!!
Lilah and Rose played so nicely together until Rose stubbed her knee! Then she ran to mom for some tender loving care.
Jax and Easton.
 Wishing Evelyn a Happy, Happy 6th Birthday and upcoming year!!!


  1. These are great! Thank you, Kristin! It is great to see these children playing together outside of school! You captured some great moments and great smiles! Thank you! - Nadia Gard

  2. You're so welcome. I bet Evelyn felt loved by all her peers.


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