Monday, November 3, 2014

Spooky, Mysterious, and Fun Halloween Snacks!!!

This Halloween, I really went above and beyond making my children's snack bags and lunch boxes FUN!  It was only two days worth, but I don't think I could have handled adding another day of creative foods!!! Mostly because I had also volunteered to bring fun snacks to each of my children's Halloween parties. I was overwhelmed and overloaded with wanting/having to be creative.

A few of the snacks below, I will go into more detail about, in an additional post, just incase you wish replicate it next year.  But here are the snacks/lunches that my children and some of their classmates were blessed with.  

Cheese that screams "BOOO!" - Simply draw your ghostly facial expressions onto the cheese string wrapper.  Be sure the cheese wrapper doesn't have any condensation on it or the marker (permanent or not) will NOT adhere. 
Mummified Apples - Fresh apples wrapped in fruit roll up "foots".  Add edible eyes, by Wilton.
 Black and Orange, yogurt covered raisins.  Found at Target.
Food that looks like band-aids.  Tyson's classroom party snack was mostly chocolate and he despises chocolate.  SO... I made these fun band-aids, which are made out of graham crackers, white frosting, and red cake gel.
 Fruit cups - draw your "lil pumpkin", pun intended, a face on their fruit cup.
Mini pumpkins: Mandarin Oranges + Green Licorice.  I did this fun food last year and they were a real hit, so I didn't think re-inventing the wheel was necessary.  See that post here.  I duplicated this "cutie" snack, this year, but for Lilah and Jax's classmates, instead of for Ty's classmates.  
Festive water bottles: just cut some Halloween scrapbook paper, wrap it around the water bottle, add a fun embellishment, and walaa!!!!
 Witch Hands - Fill a non latex, plastic, disposable glove, with white cheddar cheese popcorn and candy! I searched HIGH and low for these gloves.  The ONLY store that had them was the DOLLAR TREE!!!!!
Ty doesn't like chocolate, so I used candy corns for his witch hand. For Lilah and Jax, I used Fall colored Hershey kisses.
A cute Frankenstein shaped sandwich.  I used food writer markers, by Wilton, to draw on the sandwich.  Don't worry, the ink is edible! I adhered the edible eyes, also by Wilton, with peanut butter for Lilah and Ty, and frosting for Jax.
 "Punkin" face-shaped sandwich!!!
I am NO artist, but I did the best I could creating my own pumpkin-shaped sandwiches.  I used the lollipop face, after the kids ate the lollipop.  
Bag of bones Cheetos! These cheetos come with four types of bone shapes and you can create your own skeleton before eating them.
Mummified juice boxes: I signed up to bring juice boxes for Ty's class.  Easy, but boring, so I chose to make them more enjoyable to drink!  The boys got mummies with normal googlie eyes.  
The girls' juice boxes had colorful googlie eyes.  
Here's just a small peak into our Halloween "party" on Halloween night.  I decorated the kids' table using some of my mysterious Halloween food.  Can you spot the "orange scream Danimals smoothie"?
I hope you enjoyed viewing all of these snacks.  I plan to a post, with more detail, on the juice boxes and mummy apples! So be on the look out for those if you want to know more.  My blog backlog is INSANE right now.

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