Friday, September 26, 2014

Turning Our Food Into Friends!

The other day, I went grocery shopping, at the Valley View Wal-mart.  It's NOT the closest Wal-mart to our home, but I enjoy a change of scenery, so that was planned/purposeful. Every time I shop, my eyes are peeled for items that could enhance the excitement for me, the packer, and for the kids, the eaters', lunches.  

I spotted these craft body part accessories and almost died from excitement...SO INCREDIBLY fun and adorable, not to mention CREATIVE. I am very eager to use these pieces to create some hysterical food friends.  Check out all of the body parts...
 Ball Cap
 Webbed Feet
Red Clown Boots 
 Female Eyes
Blue Shoes 
Green Feet 
 Clown Gloves
 Eye Glasses
 Evil Eyes
 Hair Bow
 Nose or Belly Button
 More Eyes
Here is the FIRST way I used these body parts to decorate a clementine!  My caption read, "Raise the roof... It's Friday!"  
I am super excited about this find!!!!! This will really make my lunch packing so fun and I know the kids will be so excited to have some fun food friends! I probably need to go buy ONE more pack because I have a feeling these pieces will get lost or thrown out.  

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