Monday, August 11, 2014

Neon Day!!!

On day #4 of Sports Camp, the dress code was anything NEON! While the kids were in camp Wednesday, I had a little fun shopping for some NEON, matching outfits for the girls, as well as some accessories: hair spray, hair clips, shoe strings, etc...
 I am not sure what this pose is all about, but Salene insisted the girls do it.  
 There's quite a bit to look at...
ALL NEON of course, hair, matching outfits and shoes, socks, glow in the dark braclets, painted nails, and homemade beaded necklaces.
Salene was so excite when I painted an "S" on the back of her head.  I told her, "Just tell your friends at Sports Camp that it stands for Salene AND Sports Week.
Wednesday,  before late night Church, I painted all of the girls' nails NEON colors.
AND while I was painting ONE, the others were occupied by making NEON, beaded jewelry.

We were REALLLY busy Wednesday afternoon, getting ready for NEON day!!!
 These neon babes LOVED hanging on Jake's hip!
 The group photo: compliments of Brett Williams (Youth Pastor)
If I am NOT mistaken, I believe Ansley won the NEON day competition!

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