Saturday, August 23, 2014

Highlanders Vs. Salem - Jamboree - Scrimmage Game

Today, the Highlanders had their Jamboree scrimmage game. Their first opponents were Salem.
We have 28 players.  It's a huge team this year.  
Ty was the starting QB and played the entire game, minus two plays. He did an excellent job, especially considering he hasn't taken a snap all season. Due to an intense amount of rain and practice being cancelled, these players have only had 3 official practices.
We had one injury...Avone.
Tyler Johnson made ALL of the touchdowns! Go TYLER!!!
The final score was 21 to 0.  The second scrimmage was forfeited by Craig County.  They didn't want to play. Huh? I am super excited to see this season in action. To see the other photos I captured, double click on the photo album below.

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