Sunday, July 6, 2014

Super Dad!!!!!!!

We were traveling back from Myrtle Beach, on Father's Day, and this Summer has been so busy, that we were unable to celebrate Father's Day until this past weekend.  I just cannot believe how behind we were on celebrating an amazing father.  I had the thoughts, "It doesn't have to be Father's Day that we celebrate, I just want us to celebrate it!  So we did, FINALLY! Last week, I asked the kids what they wanted to make their daddy. They all know daddy well and knew sweets wasn't the answer.  Each kid had their own thoughts.  Below is what Jax chose to do.  

Jax wanted to make daddy something Super-Hero-like! I snagged some inspiration from Pinterest via Glued To My Crafts Blog, but it was a tad plain, if you ask me, and not very personal, although still darling, so Jax and I went to work creating our own masterpiece by adding to the original pin.
What you need:
A Canvas
Hot Glue
Cotton Balls
Photo Paper or Card Stock
Photo of Daddy's Face
Printable (Optional)
Willing Candidate to Paint Foot and Hand
I found the canvas at Ollie's.  CHEAP!  Maybe $1.99.  We first decided on paint colors and then painted Jax's foot.
 Then his hand!
 I will admit, it was nerve racking pushing his hand and foot onto the canvas.  I kept telling Jax, "We only have one shot at this." LOL!
I was also working on a popsicle stick project with Lilah, so I had Jax paint a popsicle stick blue and we used that to form our arm.
 I wanted this to be Jax's project as much as possible, so I just squirted baby blue paint all over the canvas and...
Let him paint the background blue, to look like daddy was flying through the sky.  MY SUGGESTION, would be to paint the background FIRST!  Stacy's suggestion, at Glued To My Crafts Blog, was to paint it last.  If YOU are doing it, it's probably fine, but I was so worried Jax was going to paint the hand or foot print on accident.
I then added cotton balls for the clouds, a super dad printable that I just found off of google images, for daddy's "crest", and I snagged this printable off of etsy. It reads,
"Some People Don't Believe In Superheros, But They Haven't Met My Daddy Yet!"
I made it a little more 3-dimentional by adding some red, blue, and yellow foam board underneath it.  

The hardest part was printing the right size HEAD. I think I wasted about 8 pieces of photo paper trying to get the proportions right.  Overall though, this was a CHEAP and impressionable gift.

The canvas $1.99, the cotton balls and paint I had.  
After Darren and the kids arrived home from the pool yesterday, I had all of his gifts set out.  Jax couldn't wait to give his daddy the gift. He worked so hard on it and was so patient, waiting 3 days to give it to him.  I can't believe he didn't "spill the beans".
 I think it's safe to say, from the smiles, that Darren liked it.  He plans to hang it in his workout room or at his desk, at work.
I also found this printable, at Craft Caravan, for Jax to do.  Jax LOVES to color and is getting so good at drawing things on his own, so while I was doing laundry one day, I handed it to him and let him do it all by himself. The only thing I had to help him with was filling it in. 
The superhero theme for Father's Day is insane. I had no idea.  I wish I had had more time to plan.  I would have probably went to town on this theme.
Darren, you really are their Superhero.  You are the type of daddy every child not only dreams of having, but deserves to have: involved, intentional, fun, funny, loving, caring, and so much more... Thank you for loving our children to the fullest.  

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