Sunday, July 6, 2014

"I'm NUTS For You Dad!"

It's true! My children are NUTS about their daddy!
It's no secret... my hubby is a health nut, no pun intended to the TITLE of the post. I truly could count on my hands how many times we have shared a dessert. It's probably one of the small complaints I have about my hubby.  It's bitter-sweet.  I'm glad he's fit, but yet I'd love to enjoy an ice cream cone together, with him. 
What you need
Nuts of any kind
Mason Jars
Ribbon, Rope, String, or Yarn

So... what can we give a daddy that doesn't eat sweets?  NUTS!!!!!!!!! That's what we did. I cannot take full credit for this idea, but I ALWAYS add my own TOUCH to whatever idea I snag.  I found this idea...surprise...on pinterest, which led me to Taryn's blog called Design,Dining, & Diapers.
 I used twine and I tied a nut into the bow!
I loved my personal touches: twine, polka dot paper, and the peanut wrapped in the bow.  This will certainly be eaten, down to the very last drop!

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