Friday, June 21, 2013

Minute To Win It Party Game Show Fun

"The Minute To Win It" party was so much fun to design.  Basically, I went through over 100 "Minute To Win It" challenges, viewed them on youtube, and chose 10-12 that I thought would be age appropriate, hysterical, and fun, yet challenging for Tyson and his guests.  After deciding on the party challenges, with Tyson, I made a list of all of the materials we needed and I began collecting everything.  Believe it or not, TONS of the items were found around our home, but I did have to buy several things as well.  
Most of the materials used at the party were displayed on this table!
Another special addition to this party was that Guy Fieri showed up to our "Minute To Win It" Birthday Party!!!
I told the boys that before we got started, I had an extra special surprise for them. They were on the edges of their seats to find out what it was and I announced that I had hired "GUY FIERI to host the party challenges".  I'll let their facial expressions do the talking.
After Guy Fieri showed up, he announced that the first challenge was called "FACE THE COOKIE".  Instead of explaining it, he had the boys watch an actual "Face the Cookie" challenge on youtube.
They all watched intently.  


This was the FIRST challenge we played and it was the BEST way to start off night the of challenges.  It created an INSANE amount of laughter and chanting.

Here's the basic concept...

Face the Cookie is extremely simple - at least in theory. Each contestant sits in a chair with a plate of Oreo cookies beside them.  We used BIRTHDAY CAKE oreos (1. Because Tyson does NOT like chocolate and 2. Because it was a BIRTHDAY party). Each contestant must lean their head back and place a cookie in the center of their forehead. When the one-minute timer begins, each contestant must use only their face to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth.

There was so many funny and entertaining pictures, that I couldn't possibly eliminate ANY of them. So enjoy viewing all the cookie/face photos.  Josh was the WINNER of this contest, so he competed against "Gram" for the championship.  
 FINALLY, someone wiggled a cookie successfully down to their mouth. 
This challenge was a blast.  
I LOVED hearing the boys' enthusiasm 
As they watched each duo compete in the challenge.  
Many of the boys even took it a step FURTHER by
Complimenting/congratulating those boys 
Who captured a cookie in their mouth or came close.

Due to the LARGE amount of photos taken for EACH challenge, 
I have decided to do individual posts 
For each individual challenge the boys competed in.  

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