Monday, October 1, 2012

College Care "Boxes"

Over the summer, my sister, Whitney, spent 3 weeks with me. When she left, to return to Florida, her plans were to start college in August.  She got accepted into FAU in Miami, Florida.  I was so nervous about her financial situation and lack of parental help, so I came up with an idea that I knew would help get her college dorm stocked up.  

Originally, I was just going to send her a "medicine cabinet" care package, filled with all sorts of  medication necessities, but you know me, I got too engrossed in this task and went way over board.  I wound up creating 6 care packages (I only have pictures of 5 of them though :( 

My goal was to create this soon-to-be college student, college bound and poor,  with all the necessities she was going to need, being away from home.

The packages were as follows:

Medicine "Box":  filled with halls cough drops, vaseline, visine, bandaids, advil, alieve, tums, neosporine, pepto, saline drops for the nose, blistex, calamine lotion, and benedryl.

Hardware "Box":  filled with a hammer, screwdriver, can opener, lint roll brush, candle lighter, picture hangers, tape measure, batteries, door hooks, sewing kit, ziplock bags, and flash light.
Cleaning Products "Box":  A cute 31 bag (compliments of Ashely Harris) filled with cleaning products: leather wipes, clorox wipes, "poop" spray, clorox pen, dryer sheets, dish soap, fabuloso, oxyclean, air freshener, decco dish sponge, hand sponge, hand duster, gloves, a crisp white rag, a microfiber rag, and a roll of quarters for laundry!!
School Supplies "Box": Included: a dry erase board, envelopes, white out, tape, scissors, stapler, stapler remover, pens, pencils, stamps, highlighters, hole punch, posted notes, rubber band ball, push pins, paper clips, binder clips, and a calculator.
Necessities of Life "Box": This was one of the last boxes I sent to her.  It had three major necessities that contained protection over her mind, body, and soul.  I supplied her with God's word aka a bible, mace, and an i.d. pouch.  
Beauty "Box":This is the care package I failed to snap a photo of. It was a fun, colorful collection of girly items: a new bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth, tweezers, nail polish remover (compliments of Ashely Harris), bronzer (compliments of Ashely Harris), GAP ballet flats (compliments of Ashely Harris), Bath & Body Works lotion, and a few other items I have forgotten about.  

Darren allowed me to take her on a little shopping spree before she left too.  It felt great updating her wardrobe a little.  She was so excited to have someone do this for her and I was even more excited. Again, I love to give way more than I love to receive.  The night before she left, I surprised her with a Kindle Fire and a cute little case.  She was speechless.

I had put these care packages on pinterest, but failed to document them on my blog.  Whoopsie.  Doing Erin and Nathan's "Road Trip" post, reminded me that I still had to do this post.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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