Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tyson received many wonderful gifts this year for his birthday! I love how each person is unique in what they pick out for him. BUT, there is always that one gift that stands out. You know me... I love creative things and creative people. Tabby and James created a gift for Tyson that I am totally going to steal one day!!!! Take a peak.

It appeared as a shirt box... but inside were a ton of goodies. First up, a match box car taped to a piece of paper and it read,

"In honor of you turning 6, we've planned a day you won't want to miss!"
"We'll drive to a place you can stuff your face."
"You will say YUMMOOOO, while you eat at your favorite place! EL RODEO."
"While we wait for our food you and James can play with these cards. (There are many games that are not very hard)."
"We'll then be on our way to another treat. Where you can sit in a seat and eat lots of SWEETS!"

"We will see any movie you wish as long as the content is PG (ish)! Bring the tickets above along so you will not be cost out on your Bumm!

"We love you Tyson!!!!!"

Although we recognized this gift and gave it a special post, we want everyone to know how much all of the gifts were LOVED. Here are the others that were FUN and APPRECIATED...

James: Above
Gabe: Gatorade, Water Bottle and a Under Armor Shirt. OUR FIRST ONE!
Haden: Gift Card to GameStop and A Bakugon Case
Buddy: Gift Card to Chuck E. Cheese
Nicolas: Transformer
Josh: Pokemon Binder and Pokemon Cards
Grandad and Granee: DS-I and a Digital Camera
Daddy and Mommy: A Basketball Hoop for Outside, Baseball Pitching System, Bases, Net and a Bucket of Balls, "Find It" Sports Game, Dinosaur Wii Game, "Cuponk" & 4 Birthday Celebrations.
Gram: Chronicles of Narnia for the Car.
Ashely & Cohen: Birthday Boy Badge, a Baseball Bat FILLED with GUM, Sweedish Fish, and so much more... She spoils my children.

I hope I am NOT forgetting anyone. If so, it is NOT intentional and forgive me.

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