Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Girls Just Want to Have Funds!

Never forget to give your children's bus driver a gift.  They have that tedious task of driving 30+ wild children to and from school. I don't even like driving my three kids places at the same time. LOL! So "treat yo bus driver"!

My life is getting more and more hectic and planning PROPERLY for the perfect gift is getting harder and harder. You really have to be intentional and mapped out about gift giving otherwise you wind up "flying by the seat of your pants" and doing something like this...
"Girls just want to have funds!" Don't we though? I had a wallet in my gift closet that I was waiting to give to someone! I fell short on time and I didn't have a very creative gift idea in mind, so I just used this wallet and inserted $20.00.  
Ms. Robin can treat herself to a fresh tank of gas in her OWN vehicle!
 I made a little tag that screamed, "Girls Just Want To Have Funds!" 
Isn't this just so fun and perfect!? Not too bad for a last minute gift!

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