Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Don't Make Me Use My "Teacher Voice"!

Back-To-School always involves teacher gifts and bus driver gifts! I try hard NOT to give too many coffee mugs, applely gifts, or what have you! But this year, the twins' teacher is BRAND NEW! Which means her classroom could probably use some "decor".  

Above: I found a gold apple at Target. I could NOT resist giving it to her.  It reminded me of my school days when my mom always suggested I deliver a beautiful, red apple to my teachers on the first day.

Below: I stuffed a clear box from Michael's Crafts with some school supplies and teachery things.  I will list each item and where they came from next.
ABC Pasta -               World Market
Mon-Fri Clips -           Hobby Lobby
Teacher Life Tabs -    Walmart
No. 2 Pencil Orni -     Hobby Lobby
Golden Apple -          Target
Opal LipGloss -          LovelyLips
Teacher Voice Sign -  Hobby Lobby
On the outside of the box, I actually stuck a set of colorful, crayon window clings to the box. I was a so giddy over the fact that they actually adhered to box so well. I found those in the Dollar Spot at Target. 

To add just a little more personality, I taped two fun, looseleaf looking scrapbook papers to the inside of the top lid, and created an image with "Miss Elmore" 's name on it.

 I just love the way it all turned out.  It's so colorful and fun.
 Do you give teacher's gifts on the first day? I can't NOT.  Be sure to check out my label, "Apples For Teachers" for other teacher gift ideas. Miss Elmore thanked me on day on.  I guess it's safe to say she loved it!

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