Saturday, February 9, 2019

Oh No! Ewe & Pew!

Oh those silly elves.  They are always up to no good.  This time, humoring our kids with all of those potty words. What happened now?
Napoleon, Chippey, Ariel, and Rosie were found in my master bathroom with gifts. The gifts were adorably wrapped in wrapping paper, screaming all of Santa's reindeer names.
Jax and Lilah's gift arrived dressed like boy/girl reindeers. Ty's gift was decked out like an elf. Oh by the way, those are sweet photo booth props. 
A closer look...
After unwrapping the gifts, my kids realized that the elves' note was a small hint as to what was gifted: "Reindeer Poo"? What?!?!
Jax and Ty's reindeer poo had a Game Stop gift card inside! They didn't mind digging into the "poo" slime to get it. This is total mom elf goals here.
And Liley received a gift card to Claire's.  
Anytime our elves arrive with gifts in hand, it's good day! PLUS slime? I tell ya... I think they do anything possible to make my day, as a mom, harder.  LOL!

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