Saturday, February 9, 2019

Better Than...

What's better than roses or chocolate on Valentine's Day? You got it... a heart-shaped box of premiere make-up and skincare for your honey! 

Flowers die and are just another responsibility that women don't need.  Yes, they are beautiful to look at, but for only 72-hours and then they wilt and give off an awful smell.  I've also never met a woman NOT NOT trying to work on her girlish figure. Women like chocolate, BUT they don't like the after effects... DIMPLES on the hiney or thighs.  So... give that lovely lady, in your life, something you BOTH can benefit from.  A gift that will leave her feeling beautiful and confident.  A gif that will allow you to enjoy her made-up, wrinkle -ree face/skin! There are only (5) days left until the Holiday arrives.  Do you want to be kissed and loved on for the best gift ever or do you want to be in the dog house this Valentine's Day?  You hold the results in your hands. Contact me today! P.S. I ship for FREE!!

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