Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Basketball & Jax....

Oh my Jax... this kid is on FIRE on the B-Ball Court! The cool thing is... he doesn't even know it. I guess you could say that that makes him a very humble and selfless team player.  If there is ONE THING that both Darren and I CANNOT stand it is a BALL HOG! I'm not sure what's worse... daddy ball or ball hoggers. I'd say they are pretty neck and neck. Game after game, I have watched Jax literally STOP dead in his tracks to pass the ball to his teammates, when he could easily attempt toscore. I've witnessed extreme emotions displayed by Ty when the entire game was played by one or more players who's vision, as soon as they get the ball, is to score and say, "Look At Me".   TEAM = TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! If you desire to win or at the very minimum learn, you must work as a team. 

Last year, we decided to sign both of our boys up for an AAU travel teams.  We started with Jax and Ty immediately said, "Please find me a team too!"  Travel ball has been wonderful for our boys and almost necessary to IMPROVE their overall skills.  Travel ball has allowed our family to travel and experience more than just Roanoke. We have so far traveled to Charlotte, Richmond, Tennessee, Greensboro, and Lynchburg. Travel ball has really opened our eyes to how skilled other athletes around our surrounding states really are.
Despite the fact that travel ball costs money and you would think that it would hold athletes/parents/coaches/refs to a higher standard, it has NOT eliminated drama or hardships.  You still see passionate athletes get into arguments, parents and refs being verbal, and coaches playing the wrong players to avoid parents being ticked off. I have always tried hard to just let God do the work and not fight players, refs, or coaches.  
We are grateful to have the financial means to give our boys this opportunity because they really deserve it.  They are amazing basketball players. Jax has already been "scouted" twice now and Ty has been invited to play for teams that he has declined. With travel ball, you have that luxury to try out, expose yourself to other teams, and decline.  Practicing year round is also pretty critical to continually improve your skillset.  
Because basketball is such a HUGE part of our boys' lives, as well as ours, I have been HORRIBLE at documenting posting the over abundance of photos I've taken. This blog is our family photo album. LOL! I'm serious. I don't print photos ever. So, just so that Jax has a written record of playing basketball as a kid, please excuse the excess photo dump below. 
P.S. You will see Jax sporting three different uniforms because he's on two travel teams and onerec league.  Next year, we will be skipping the rec league.
We interrupt this photo dumb to bring to you #momgoals.  This was part of the snack I brought the team when we had snack duty.
Of course, I am beyond thankful for an involved daddy, who loves to coach his boys.
Two out of the three teams that Jax is on have been very successful.  His teams have either gone undefeated or have won 5 championships out of 6 championships played! I am sure there are mounds of videos and 1,000 more photos that I could share, but I am going to keep it simple here and upload them to my online photo album.
 I'm a definite baller mom! I LOVE IT TOO!

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