Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A New Look!

Yay! A new look!  I bet you were so surprised to tune in for a daily post and find our old blog gone. Did you think that you accidentally typed in the wrong blog address or clicked on the wrong link? I hope this new look is enjoyed.  I had a hard time saying goodbye to those precious photos captured almost 6 years ago, but it was time. A new look was LONG OVERDUE.  
The biggest reason it took so long to redo our blog is because we rarely take professional photos.  I know... it's hard to believe, but we are so busy and it's a pretty big ordeal for me to hire a photographer and coordinate our outfits BECAUSE I am a such perfectionist.  So... between the lack of photo shoots and the fact that my old blog designer closed her shop, I had two major things working against me.  BUT THEN... I found EMILY.
Emily is the blog designer for BD Web Studio.  I contacted two blog designers and Emily responded to me in a timely manner and was willing to communicate with me via telephone, to openly discuss my concerns, thoughts, and desires for a new blog design.  I could tell that once you committed to her, she was going to do everything in her power to make your design satisfactory.  I also love that she was willing to give her professional opinions, which I took most of them, and decided to go against her thoughts on a few.  I think it was a nice combination of her "now trending" blog knowledge and my visions combined.

I chose a custom design.  I didn't want my look to be replicated in anyway.  And if it isn't already obvious, I wanted the design of my blog to flow and color coordinate with the clothing that we are wearing in the the photos.  By the way, our photos were literally taken, on a whim last Easter Sunday, by Carissa Divant, with By Grace Studios. She did an amazing job despite the chilly/cloudy weather.  Of course, at this point, these photos are ALMOST ALREADY dated.  I blame that on my children who are growing like weeds, but hey... it's better to view these photos than photos that were almost 6 years old.  With that being said, DO NOT be surprised if, in about 6 months, this blog gets another new look. I will for SURE be using Emily again to switch out the photos and add them to the current blog design the you see now.

If you are in the market to redesign your blog or even wish to begin blogging yourself, I HIGHLY recommend using BD Designs Studio. Emily is QUICK, knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, accommodating, and so easy to talk to, not to mention so very talented. Emily is still semi tweaking things, for me, as my eyes adjust to this new look and I am seeing some things that I desire to switch up: spacing, design, etc.

OH AND be sure to follow Emily on Instagram too . She gives you updates on some blogging tricks, seminars offered, and encourages you to keep on blogging no matter what barriers you may face. I feel like I gained a life long blog designer and potentially a new friend. I just love the blogging community and the opportunities that social media brings my way.  

Thank you Emily! I couldn't be more pleased and you truly have met all of my expectations which, for those who know me well, know that that can sometimes be impossible. It was such a pleasure working with you and I will for sure be sharing your information with all of my blogger friends. I already see that one of my favorite Instagram peeps is already following you, since the launch of my new look! I hope I can bring more business your way.  AND... the fact that you said this is one of your favorite blog designs you have ever done, if not your favorite, makes me so giddy inside!

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