Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Grinch Who Stole Our Elves!

On Day 5, our elves arrived bearing gifts and dressed up like the characters in the movie, The Grinch.  We are NOT big movie people, so we had YET to see the Grinch movie and our elves knew it.  
They greeted us with tickets to see the movie, in little elf envelopes.  Aren't they so dang cute?
They also brought grinch ski hats, grinch lollipops, and a sno-moji HEART maker.  I loved incorporating this gift, that I previously planned to gift to my kids in their christmas stockings. Remember, the Grinch's heart grew and grew and eventaully the true meaning of Christmas lived inside of him?
"Let's Go To The Movies!"
I would totally share my movie ticket design with you, but this idea wouldn't be able to be replicated since the movie won't be playing next year. LOL!

We did finally get to see the movie.  Lilah brought her girlfriend Salena and Jax brought his buddy Matthew.  
Although these elves are work, I cannot imagine NOT doing it.  It's an opportunity to be creative, to bless my children, and to create memories.

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