Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween! ~2018

Halloween Day is always so incredibly hectic.  I plan and I plan and I plan.  I collect and I collect and I collect, but I NEVER have time to put things ALTOGETHER until the DAY OF and that makes the day slightly stressful.  I recall dripping sweat for the last 4 Halloweens in a row.  My kids have had costumes for weeks and pretty much months, but the day before Halloween they informed me that they couldn't wear them.  Jax had an inflatable costume.  He wore it to his Fall Festival at school, but he said it would be too difficult to really enjoy trick or treating.  Lilah had the most hilarious and comfortable costume, that she also wore to her school's Fall Festival, but she didn't want to wear the gigantic mask.  She feared it interfering with her fun. So YOU GUESSED IT... the DAY OF Halloween, I was standing in the Halloween Store, trying to piece mill what they had left, to help create my kids' costume desires.  

Lilah wanted to be a Zombie Cheerleader.  It was a pretty simple costume.  Obviously, she already had her cheer uniform and pom poms. I purchased a long sleeve, white t-shirt from Wal-mart and socks (featured below) from the Halloween Store.  Our local party store sold me some fake, washable blood, and an axe headband that made it appear as if Lilah got axed.  
I used my company's Snow ShadowSense and Onyx ShadowSense to create the dead look. 
Of course, she played the part to a T.
Jax wanted to be the clown from the movie "IT". With only a one day's notice, before Halloween, I was truly limited on options unless of course I wanted to pay $59.99 for the exact "IT" mask. So... close enough.   
Same deal: I purchased a white, long sleeve shirt from Wal-mart, splattered fake blood all over it, and hot glued clown buttons to the shirt. Our local party store, Fun Times, supplied the clown buttons and red helium balloon.  
Pretty creepy!
Well aren't they just the cutest twins ever!?
Tyson claimed that he wasn't going trick or treating. AH...NEGATIVE.  He wasn't going to sit home, on Halloween, night and play playstation.  I gave him the option to pass out candy or come with us. I didn't force him to dress up, but if he was going to collect candy, he had to wear something other than civilian clothing.  He wanted to wear his regular clothing and carry his book bag around.  He said, "I'll just go as a teenager!" I told him that was fine, but it had to be TEEN WOLF.  I picked up a self adhesive, instant werewolf patch. LOL! He wasn't crazy about it. This is a hard stage for him. He is turning into a young man, but still desires and should be able to enjoy being a kid. Doesn't he look so thrilled? This was the ONLY photo he would give me. 
It's always fun seeing all of our friends dressed up!
The day was so hectic that I didn't even have time to put on makeup or even consider costume for myself.  Darren always says I look like a drug addict without my makeup on, so when he walked through the door, after work, he said, "Are you going as a heroin addict tonight?" HYSTERICAL.  Shoot, that works!  So we joked and said we were dressed up as Meth Addicts. "This is your brain on drugs."
It was the night of the Zombies.  Sort of like a Zombie Apocalypse.  Haha.  And leave it to Darren to create comedy out of comedy.  He was trying to give this poor guy CPR.
Because our kids are still "trick or treating" eligible, we have to leave our candy out on the front stoop.  We leave it up to the parents and kids to follow the honor code.  
Halloween didn't seem too crowded.  Darren even mentioned that it seemed quiet and vacant.  
We came home and ate dinner together.  The kids sorted their candy! Jax created a hidden picture for me, in Lilah's sorted candy!
NOW... what to do with ALL OF THIS CANDY!? Sometimes we trade it in to a local dentist's office for cash.  But... as my kids get older, I am not sure they will fall for that. I pray I can keep my hands off of it. 

I hope your Halloween was filled with laughter, great memories, and you arrived home safely.

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