Monday, August 27, 2018

You Know You Want It!

And I want you too!!!  I have FIVE DAYS left to give away one of these GORGEOUS Piper Noble bags!  I am so excited to bless someone with this $75.00 gift to help jumpstart and advertise someone's lipsense business.  This purse has sincerely brought me countless inquiries and sales.  I am raffling ONE, of the below pocket books, off to anyone who signs up under me, this month, and places a qualifying order.  Piper Noble is ALSO releasing a few new bags, on September 1st. Rumor has is, one of their newest bags is a BLUSH PINK.  I am MORE than willing to order you their LASTEST and GREATEST bag instead of one of the bags below.  Will you please join me and my lipboss gang?  It only costs $55.00 to sign up.  As of now, you have a 1 in 6 chance of WINNING this bag.  Contact me for details.  540.520.1853.  I want HARD WORKING, energetic, driven, ambitious, worker bees who are ready to be CHALLENGED both personally and professionally.  And of course people who desire to make an income based off of how hard they work! I have never been happier and more excited about my role as a lipboss.

I promise to mentor you to the fullest.  I promise to help guide you and direct your paths to the best of my ability  

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