Monday, August 20, 2018

"YES Day" Results!!!

Well, "Yes Day" came and went and let me start out this post by saying, I WILL NEVER do that again! Write.It.Down. Hold me to it.
Above, I had the kids read the rules out loud and AGREE to all of the guidelines.
The twins started their morning eating candy!
Then they asked me to eat a kitkat mini and I had to say, "YES"! I definitely was NOT thrilled with eating candy at 9:00 a.m.
"Yes Day" included a trip to Target, dressed the way Lilah felt happiest. Ugh... This outfit is her go to outfit.  She'd wear it daily if she could.  Not sure why.  Socks and slides??  SMH. Unbrushed hair.  Sigh...
It also included: A Venti "Pink Drink".
"Can I put Target stickers on your butt?"  Yes! REALLY. 
Goofing around on the shopping carts, making my trip to Target ANYTHING but fun.  
Oh and where was Tyson? HE was home doing what he wanted to do, which was play playstation for 7 hours straight.
Lilah spent her $15 "Yes Day" allowance on Starbuck's and Elmer's Glue.  
Jax spent $10 of his "Yes Day" allowance on PURE JUNK.
Jax also purchased himself a gift card, to Game Stop, with his own money. I agreed to let him buy himself a $25.00 gift card with ZERO hesitation, but when I got off the phone, that $25.00 turned quickly into $45.00.  YUP, you bet your bottom dollar that I said "NO!" on "Yes Day" and it was not a HAPPY moment.  The guilt trips were happening fast and HARD.  "You are already saying no on Yes Day!"  Dang RIGHT. One of the guidelines was that they could not make any permanent decisions and the last time I checked, spending $45 on FortNite gift cards is a permanent way to go BROKE for a 9 year old.  
Apparently, these are the only photos that I captured. AND I believe by the time I made it home, I had had enough of "Yes Day" and said "Game Over".

WHY?  Because my kids were just too manipulative about it.  I would ask Lilah to push her chair in and she would immediately turn around and say, "Mom, can you push my chair in?" Ty literally missed breakfast and lunch and then had to go to football practice on an empty stomach. Lilah realized at 8:30 p.m. that not only had she NOT eaten one meal, but she also hadn't eaten any snacks with substance either. It was all sugar and that Venti pink drink.  After Cheer Camp, she was DYING and I mean DYING of starvation and her attitude was quickly being affected.  The lack of self-control and inability to make wise choices irked me. The unwillingness to be respectful and still desire to be a servant to their home and their parents was too much for me.  I truly didn't think that this day, which was meant to be fun, was glorifying God in anyway.  

I wish I had thought this through a little better AND IF YOU CHOOSE to try a "yes day", I HIGHLY recommend NOT telling your kids that you are having a yes day and JUST SAY "YES" to things, all day long, that you don't normally say yes to and it will just SHOCK them and really make their day!

My kids are just too old and too smart, hence the reason they either manipulated the entire day or made absurd choices for themselves!  I learned that I am definitely a mom who is addicted to saying "NO"!  I'm NO FUN!  I feel bad that the day didn't go quite as I had hoped and anticipated.  I really was excited for this day and excited to see how it all unfolded.  In the end, I think both myself and my kids realized that it's a good thing they are NOT SOLELY responsible for themselves because their choices would cause them to be sick, fat, lazy, unproductive, broke, starving or worse dead.  LOL!

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