Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Who Wants To Be In My Girl Gang?

There are only 3 days LEFT until I raffle off a Piper Noble bag, to help jump start any Boss Babes' business!!! I am beyond excited to see who my next business partner is going to be. I want the right ladies in my LipBoss gang! I don't want just ANYONE though. I don't want someone just signing up for the discounts. I also don't want anyone who expects money to just land in their lap or worse, someone who is not motivated in any way shape or form.  What I want is a worker bee.  I want a woman who is ambitious, driven, motivated, determined, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and stops at NOTHING to get what she wants.  YOU can have ANYTHING you want in life... IF YOU EARN IT.  Do you want it? If you fit this description than please apply haha! There is NO AGE limit.  You can be over qualified, but I am not accepting applications for UNDER qualified people. LOL!

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