Monday, April 16, 2018

Unicorn Party Favors!

Party favors are ALWAYS something kids look forward to receiving and being Lilah's guest list was LOW, I was able to splurge on the girls. Above: I collected a wonderful array of unicorn items from Michael's Store, Target, and Five Below.  
Lilah and I divided the above items into (3) groups of FIVE.  It was the best way to divide it up fairly.  We kind of "tiered" the items according to price/value. Then, I put all of the items into some pretty pink gift bags! The bags were overflowing.  
I also had a ton off smaller unicorn items.  I placed them in the cutest, unicorn gift bags below, that I found at Macy's.  
My favorite item in this bag was a UNICORN headband.  Doesn't every girl wish she had a UNI-corn  horn?  LOL!
"Don't Quit Your DayDream" - Hand Sanitizer - from Bath & Body Works.
A little unicorn stretchy toy!
Unicorn hershey kisses, erasers, and figurines.  
I also found these darling unicorn plastic plates! These girls are possibly too old for this, but maybe not. I mean.. I would eat off of it.  
A glittery, bouncy ball!
A set of unicorn erasers.  SO FUN!
Each guest also received a plastic unicorn cup, straw, and a bottle of clear glue because Lilah's FAVORITE thing to do is MAKE SLIME! The girls wound up making their slime at the party, with the direction of Lilah.  Haha.  
I am pretty sure the girls' went home feeling like they just had a magical time!

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