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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Musical!

Lilah was BEYOND blessed to be a part of her FIRST musical at the Attic Productions.  It was the BIGGEST and most exciting thing she has done to date. Click here to see her audition day! I LOVED watching Lilah both practice and perform. I am super excited and hopeful that this was NOT her LAST performance.   
I knew it would be time consuming to do a post on the musical, so I had to wait to until I had a significant mount of time to write about it.  I apologize for the delay!  I hope, through this post, I can do to recapture it for those who could not attend or for anyone who wishes to relive it.  Side note: I was NOT allowed to photograph or videograph the ACTUAL performances, so the photos and videos you see were taken during practice.  
Lilah's costume, made by Ms. Georgia.  
A little overview of what the play was about:
It is a marvelous musical adaptation.  We meet the captivating Princess Snow White, the prince, the evil queen, and, of course, the seven mischievous dwarfs — Sarge, Gabby, Gloomy Gus, Ticklish, Spritely, Snore, and Slowpoke.  There’s also a hilarious palace cat and an enchanted vixen — a fox, you could say!  Following the traditional storyline, the fairy tale is brought to life with an eclectic score of toe-tapping tunes.
(I'm singing this) "Snow White and the sevens dwarfs a fairytale retold.  Snow and the Seven Dwarfs let the tale unfold ..... A queen, a cat, a walking talking mirror, a huntsman, a young girl, a crone. A queen, a cat, a walking talking mirror, a huntsman, a young girl, a crone. Snow White and the sevens dwarfs a fairytale retold.  Snow and the Seven Dwarfs let the tale unfold... A king, a princess, so beautiful and pure, a vixon enchantingly magical.  A king, a princess, so beautiful and pure, a vixon enchantingly magical."  Of course...don't forget the Seven Dwarfs too.  They are a messy, motley crew. They don't do housework, they don't cook, but mining is what they love to do. AND they are constantly looking out for Snow White, protecting her from harm and offering her a place to live, of course as long as she cooks and cleans for them.  LOL!  

There are so many wonderful photos that I captured, but I cannot possibly post them all.  After viewing this post, feel free to click on this link (Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs MUSCIAL.... photos) if you wish to see ALL of them.  If you are reading this post through a cell phone, I do not believe the link/online photo album will be visible.  But, feel free to still try.

It will be hard to caption each photo, so please ask questions if you wish to know more details about the photos.  Darren and I agreed that this experience will be etched into Lilah's memory for the rest of her life. I know it will be etched into mine as well. We are ALL still singing the songs in our home and rehearsing lines.  I absolutely LOVE theatre for her.  It's definitely HER THING!
The queen speaks to the "walking talking mirror" about who is the most beautiful. Once the mirror announces it's Snow White....
 She orders the "huntsman" to kill her.
But the huntsman just can't bring himself to do it.  So... he leaves her deep into the forest, to fend for herself.  She gives him the Prince's medallion, which she promised to never remove off of her, to help PROVE to the Queen that he did indeed kill her.  
Deep into the forest, the woodland creatures come out to be with Snow White. Lilah was chosen to be the adorable bunny. There was also a monkey, an owl, a fairy, a deer, and a bear.  Snow White is lonely and scared, not sure what will happen next and sings a beautiful song called, "Oh My Prince." 
A enchanted fox greets her in the forest and warns her about the queen and all of her plots to destroy/kill her.  She also shows her a cottage, where the Seven Dwarfs live.  
The Seven Dwarfs arrive home to things picked up and dinner brewing.  They are a little freaked out. As they enter their cottage... they squeal with fear, not knowing if Snow White is a monster or if she's going to hurt them.  They have a conversation, agree to have her stay, and then... the dwarfs introduce themselves.  All of these songs I link are just quick blips of each song.  
Since the QUEEN was unsuccessful in killing Snow White through the huntsman, she casts a magic spell and drinks a potion and turns into a young girl, who plans to locate Snow White, near the Seven Dwarf's cottage. Another song the Dwarfs sang several times was called "Work, Work, Work."
While waiting for the young girl to get to the cottage, the Dwarfs and Woodland creatures have a little dance off.
AND Snow White sang "It's A Wonderful Day" with the Woodland Creatures.  Lilah and two other woodland creatures were chosen to personally dance with Snow White, while the other Woodland Creatures enjoyed the forest.  
The young girl attempts to sell Snow White all kinds of goodies, that would harm her, but Snow White doesn't have any money to buy anything. The young girl gifts to her a comb. Nice right?  Wrong.  The comb... well... it's poisonous. 
As you can imagine, when the dwarfs found her... they were so terrified she was gone.  But "Sarge" pulled the poisonous comb out of her hair, JUST. IN. TIME.
Back to the drawing board... the queen learns AGAIN, that Snow White surpassed her sneaky, poisonous comb fiasco.  
This time, the queen turns into a Crone.  A old lady, with a WART on the end of her nose. She tempts Snow White to eat this delicious apple.  One side of the apple was not poisonous, but the other side was. Even though Snow White had been warned multiple times, she felt like the apple appeared safe, since the Crone took a bite. The Crone even sang a really enticing song to Snow White, in hopes that it would convince Snow White to take a bite. It was called, "I've Got This Apple!"  Just another side note: THESE links to the songs are NOT of our performers singing  Believe it or not, our youth sounded 100 times better than these blips.
Still contemplating it...
Well... the apple... it killed her! Or did it?
The dwarfs arrived home again and were devastated. They cried and prepared for her "funeral".  The Dwarfs' crying was so good, I even cried through a few of the performances.  I know! Strange.  LOL! But... they really brought me INTO the moment. 
The Prince arrives, ready to greet the Princess, and learns that she ate a poisonous apple  He leans down to kiss her and...
She wakes up!  YAY!!!!
Everyone rejoices with the Prince and Snow White as they "wed".  
Ms. Georgia was the director of this musical. I since learned ALL of her work for this production was VOLUNTARY! I could NOT believe it. Ms. Georgia is such a HARD-WORKER, who is so talented both on stage and as a director. She has so much patience and love for her students. Not to mention, is so gifted with make-up application, creating a costume in a jiffy, and even taking care of casting parties and backstage needs. WE LOVE HER! AND SHE is the biggest reason this experience was so pleasurable.  
What a cute bunny!
 "Opening Night" arrived... Lilah was anxious, nervous, and READY!!!! 
I will be posting video footage next.  I hope you have enjoyed this post.  If you were a little confused... this musical was clearly NOT the original Snow White you were probably expecting to see... from Disney.  This play was adapted by Tim Kelly. It was a little different, but equally as good. 

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