Friday, March 30, 2018

Peeps Easter Coupons

Last year, I took an alternate route and decided to stop filling eggs with plastic junk and 
candy! I designed my own coupons, that fit the dynamics of our family, and inserted them into our plastic eggs, along with all of the other traditional surprises: gift cards, cash, lottery and tickets. My kids are old enough now to "need" cash for things and they enjoy gift certificates.  Lottery tickets are always FUN to receive.  There's such a "thrill" factor.  The most we've ever won was $10.00.  One day, we may hit it big.  LOL! Here are last year's coupons. 

This year, I decided to use cute and colorful PEEP images.  I LOVE the idea of the peeps hatching out of the eggs.  I guess, really, I should have used the chicks, but the peeps are so much cuter.  

For the most part, I used the same coupon ideas as last year. I did add a few NEW coupons though.... such as "A Trip To Starbucks!", "A Date Alone With Mom & Dad!", and "Good For 1-Free iTunes App!"
As you can see, each sheet of coupons contains a "Rotten Egg".  Basically, if they get that egg, they it's a dud. Essentially, "Good For Nothing!"

I also denied to add a sheet of coupons for the parents to use.  These will either be hidden in their eggs, to be given back to us OR I will let them hide 10 eggs for US to find! And we, the parents, get to use these coupons W-H-E-N-E-V-E-R we desire. I love this new addition.  I know the kids will hate it.  Like what you see?  See attached links below for PRINTING. ENJOY!  AND... if you do wind up using these... please share my blog or Instagram account with others @ BollingWith5.  Thank you!
Coupons 1
Coupons 2
Coupons 3

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