Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Happy 41st Birthday Darren!

To my FABULOUS husband,
May I have 41+ more years in this life, with you, until eternity!!!
Lilah and Jax worked on a birthday banner, one day after school, for their daddy! We hung it up during his morning shower.  He was surprised when he came down.
I greeted Darren with his favorite coffee, from the Fresh Market, on the morning of his birthday!
In addition, I purchased (2) handpainted canvases of our dogs: Simon and Sadie.  
I gave Michelle, the artist, (2) photos of Sadie and Simon and she replicated them perfectly, on canvas.  Darren joked and said, "I see you bought yourself a gift on my birthday!"  
Michelle loved Sadie's canvas so much, she now wants a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  LOL!
These photos will be forever precious to me.  They now hang in our kitchen.  Darren also joked and said, "Can we keep the artwork and get rid of the dogs!" 
At lunch, he was greeted with a lightbox note... LOLOLOLOL!  We are MARRIED.
Then, I switched it to "Eat Fit Cake" before my children got home.  LOL! I didn't want to make them gag.  Hahahahahaha.  
Darren refuses to eat dessert, so peanut butter was another gift that I purchased for him.  It took the place of a birthday cake. Snore!
 After work, we decided take Darren out to eat.  He chose Longhorn Steakhouse.  BUT FIRST, gifts.
We bought him new barstools. He has been egging for barstools to replace the old, crappy ones, in our family office.  
Darren treated himself to an iPhone X and I bought him the wireless charger for it. The SAME day we were gifting it to him, an amazon box arrived, with the same dang item inside.  
We also bought him Bose Wireless Headphones and a bottle of his favorite scotch, for his scotch collection.
After gifts, off to dinner we went.  
We are so very thankful for this man.  He is simply amazing. He cares for us so well.  Truly, he ever disappoints us.  The best gift I ever received was given to me on Sunday, February 27, 1977.  

Darren, I pray you felt loved, cherished, and valued on your special day, BECAUSE you are!  "And many more..."

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