Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PeeWee Football Banquet 2017

Jax had a fantastic season of football this year.  He was slightly timid last year and still feeling out his spot on the field, but with a huge knowledge of the game of football a.k.a. SMARTs, and increased confidence, he really BROUGHT IT on game days.
They are the "PEEWEE" football players of Glenvar.  Their record was 6-4.  
We celebrated their season at Fellowship Christian Community Church.  
Each player received a handsome, 31 bag, with their name and a football on it. Along with a Glenvar sweat towel.  
I am forever grateful to my husband who is following his calling to be a coach.  It is truly his passion and those boys are BLESSED to have his assistance and mentorship.
Each coach spoke and shared their thoughts on the season.  It's always interesting to hear what they have to say.  This year the theme comment was, "We are a young team and our players are small, but each and every player gave it their HEART!"
Everyone brought tailgate style foods and the head coach and his wife purchased these football cupcakes for everyone.  
 We start basketball Saturday!!! Adios football.  #NeverADullMoment
One of the parents made an end of the year video, reaping all of the highlights.  This is part of the boys' reactions to all of the great plays, tackles, and touchdowns.  

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