Monday, April 3, 2017

Jump For Joy ~ Lilah and Jax Are 8!

Our twins had so many celebrations for their 8th birthday. How will I top another brithday? As Lilah and Jax get older, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with birthday gift ideas.  For one, they are very blessed and really need nothing.  Two, they truly just enjoy their electronics, their trampoline, books, board games, and well, truthfully, their electronics...  Sigh.... Buying STUFF is just stupid because it just sits and sits and collects dust.  SO, instead of a ton of wrapped gifts, we decided to re-do their bedrooms and treat them along with 4 friends each to a Launching Pad "party".  I quote party because we didn't rent the party room and we didn't have cake.  We did however treat the kids to whatever they wanted from the concession stand and we did send their friends home with a great party favor or two!

These photos are NOT great.  I had to compete with constantly moving bodies and poor lighting.  But... what matters is that they had an absolute BLAST.  
After the kids exhausted their hour of JUMP time, I treated everyone to a drink and a snack of their choice.  The decision was pretty much UNANIMOUS.  Everyone got an ICEE and a pack of sour straws.
After snack, I treated each child to a $10 game card and (1) Bumper car ride.  These created a ton of smiles.
Jax invited Matthew...
And his BIG BRO - Ty.
Liley invited Julia, Vivian, Chastity, and Kate.
The party favor was a 2 foot, sour candy, powder straw, that changes color in your mouth.  
AND a light up spinner.  These are SOOOOOO cool.  Check them out below.

It was the MOST unplanned party and the kids seemed to have had a blast.   

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  1. What a great party! Lucky guests & glad your 2 birthday blessings had a blast.


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