Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Layman's Farms ~ 2016

It's my favorite Fall #tradition, the Pumpkin Patch. Last year, we were able to go with Gram and THIS YEAR we were able to go with Gram, so we were able to call it a tradition this year.  We [heart] traditions in our home! It's part of what makes up a family.  Two years ago, we brought Cami and Gabe and they also joined us this year.  
The lines were long, so I ceases the opportunity to snap a few photos before things got busy!
We took our yearly pic in the oversized rocking chair.  
Then we chose to do the corn maze first: kids against grown-ups.  I am not really impressed by corn maze fun.  Haha. Neither is Darren.  Maybe we are just boring people.  
I snapped a photo of the rotten/dead corn that lingered.  LOL!
Handsome Hubby!
They wanted to do the tractor ride, but the lines were atrocious.  So, I tried my  best to convince them to forget it this year.  They agreed. Instead, they played pumpkin tether ball.  
My mom told me later that evening that the ball and all of it's string wrapped around her neck (just like it does on the pole). What are the chances? HIGH - if your name is Ann Herberger.  LOL! #OhGram
After that, the kids shot corn out of the corn cannon!
Oh and the adults. Hehe.
The tunnel slide is always fun, but some of us were NOT dressed appropriately, so the twins and Gram (only) did it.
So fun!
We ran into the Shaffer boys and their girlfriends at the pumpkin patch, so I offered to snap a group photo.
We finalized the day with the jumping pillow.  
It always produces LOTS of laughter, but they play this game where they chase each other in their socks or hop on over to each other and try to push each other OFF of the jumping pillow.  They can't just enjoy it the NORMAL way.
The only regret is that we didn't take a family photo.  Boo! But, I did get a cute pic of Liley and Cami.
Next year, I think I want to try a new pumpkin patch.  Our eyes are adjusted to this one, after going 4-5 years in a row, and it's just not nearly as thrilling as it once was the first few years we went (maybe we will go back to the one near Christiansburg).    

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