Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cheer Olympics 2016

Hip Hip Hooray for Cheer Olympics Day!!!

We look forward to this event every year.  It's one of the FEW times our boys have to be DRAGED to an event, for their sister, and be tortured for almost 3 hours. LOL! After everything she has had to endure for these boys, I told them I didn't want to hear a lick of complaining.  Plus, you know what they say about payback. (*Ty wound up getting out of it, but sneaking over to Gabe's house). Grrr. 

All of the cheer teams sit across from the audience and watch as each cheer squad competes one at a time.
Lilah's squad went approximately fifth.  There she goes... "on deck".
As they entered onto the court, Lilah and her squad came out so cheery, saying, "Check us out, Say what!? Say what!? Check us out, say what!?!"
I love her sweet smile! She is definitely comfortable in front of an audience.
The cheer squad does two cheers and then performs a cheer dance.
Ansley is one of Lilah's best friends and cheer teammates.  
"Go Glenvar!"
The girls cheered to "Glenvar Fans Help Us Out!"
And "YELL!"
Sweet smiles and excitement filled this girl's persona today.
I thought Cave Spring's Cheer squad had an interesting costume. GHOSTBUSTERS!
Of course, we stayed the entire time and cheered on the other Glenvar squads too!! (Above): Selena and (Below): Morgan & Mareigh, two of Lilah's older friends.  
"Lilah, WE are proud of you, yes we are proud of YOU!"
I hope this girl sticks with cheerleading because she LOVES it and is doing such a fantastic job! 
On the way home, Liley fell fast asleep. I love watching her smell her taggie blanket.
It's been a great cheer season.  Only a few more weeks until it's over. 
Below: A special thank you to Darren for video recording it!!! 

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