Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Football Season 2016 ~ Practices and Scrimmages

Football season has been in full gear since August 1st, but there hasn't been too much to document because so far it's just been a bunch of practicing and scrimmaging.  I will share some of the photos I captured and thought were noteworthy!  Enjoy!

Jax's Team: The Glenvar Highlanders.  Jax is #6, Ranger #13, Cohen #46, 
We interrupt this football program to bring you some cute cheerleaders practicing.
 Tyson's Team: The Glenvar Highlanders.  Ty's jersey is #1, Gabe's is #43, Jackson #42, and Cooper is #44.
I am OBSESSED with this shot! I have GOT TO PRINT IT.  Coach Daddy and TY.
The below photo is ONE of my absolute FAVORITES: NOT for any other reason than because Gabe and Ty are best friends and have been since they were 4.  Ty, QB, passes the ball of to Gabe.  
 I am realllllly looking forward to the games!!!

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