Monday, September 5, 2016

Apples For Mrs. Green ~ First Day Of School

On the first day of school, the twins presented Mrs. Green with some fun school supplies.  (Above): a "Mrs. Green" felt banner.  It was made with black stickers from Michaels and a premade, felt banner from the Target $3 bin!
Then, I filled up this adorable owl box, from the Dollar Tree, with adorably unique school supplies from Michael's Craft Store.
I also enclosed a $15 gift card to Michael's (which Mrs. Green later told me is one of her favorite stores!).
 What was inside? See below...
I also bought this ceramic pencil and added Mrs. Green's name to it!
Finally, days after Mrs. Green sent home mounds of paperwork to be filled out, I gave her some "paperwork" to fill out too! It's always nice getting to know the teacher's likes and dislikes, so each year I have the teacher fill out a questionnaire.  I made this questinnaire last year and just beefed it up a tad to reflect the changes (teacher name and date).
I also made a little bucket of goodies for Mrs. K, the principal, and Mrs. Dixon, the school secretary! Each bucket had a "back-to-school Starbucks gift card, apple hand soap, a pencil clip, and a mini bubble cake.

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