Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"POP" goes 11 or $111!

When Ty turned 11, BACK IN MAY, (ugh, I am SO behind on blogging... thanks SUMMER and three kids being in my care 24-7) I was racking my brains for what to give him. Cash and gift cards kept ringing in my head, partly because he didn't really NEED anything and partly because it's so nice when our kids have their own cash, saved up for things, they WANT. Ty did get a few gifts to unwrap the traditional way, but I came up with this idea, ON.MY.OWN (who needs pinterest) and thought you might like to snag it.  I am so glad the age that Ty was turning was SIMPLE, to form, with balloons.  

Basically, insert cash into DEFLATED balloons.  Blow up balloons. Make an incision in the balloon's "tie", after it is sealed of course.  Push a piece of party string or rope through the incision.  This secures the balloon onto something rather than relying on a piece of tape to hold the balloon in place.  Tape the string (with balloons) to the door, in the shape of the NEW age.

We bought Ty a Smith and Wesson knife for his birthday, so he was already able to put it to great use, by popping the balloons to find out what was inside.  These balloons were slightly transparent, so I had to HIDE this from him until I was ready for him to pop the balloons.  I suggest opaque balloons, so you can display this in the PARTY room.
Ty received $111 for turning 11!

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