Thursday, July 28, 2016

Eat It Or Wear It Food Challenge!

What do Jumex mango nector juice, Hellmann's mayo, sauerkraut, spaghettio's, minced garlic, and Starkist tuna all have in common?  WELL... I am glad you asked.  On a day that I shared a devotional about accepting the mundane tasks as God's calling, which builds our character and soul, I was begged by my children to let them do the "Eat It Or Wear It" food challenge.  For real?!?!?! I have enough laundry to last me the rest of the day and finger prints to wipe off of windows and refrigerators and you want to do what? Dump nasty smelling foods all over each other?  Sigh... this is where the rubber meets the road people.  This is where I live out what I am suggesting. The "practice what you preach" method.  So... I obliged.  Why me? I designed 21, brown paper bags, numbered 1 through 21.  I chose the foods that they would eat or wear.  This was MORE than plenty.  After round 4-5, things were getting a little uncomfortable, smelly, and their laughter was turning into tears or disgust.  
The kids decided on the rules before starting.  They did "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide who went first, second, and third.  In that order, each person picked a bag.  They had to choose whether they would eat what was in the bag or wear it.  If they chose to eat it, then they got to dump the remainder onto the person of their choice.  If they were too afraid to taste it, they would bypass ingesting it, but they had to get it dumped on them instead. 

The materials you need for this "fun" are the following: brown bags, food, plastic spoons, measuring cups, a tarp, and willing subjects.
Here is a sneak peak into the bags, but let me list the items I chose to use: black beans, peppers, tuna fish, green olive, pickles, milk, apple cider vinegar, hummus, chocolate syrup, sliced peaches, boston creme pie yogurt, mayo, creamed corn, green beans, powdered sugar, mango nectar juice, brown mustard, sauerkraut, sliced mushrooms, and spaghetti o's. I think that is everything.  I meant to add coffee and honey, but I am glad I didn't because those two things would have stained and been sticky.
Let me remind you... this was NOT my idea.  They begged.  Here is the cute BEFORE photo. My kids are extremely picky eaters, so this really surprised me that they wanted this.
Lilah really lucked out. I kept telling her she should really play Deal or No Deal because she was picking ALL of the bags that had half way decent things in it.  Her first bag had powdered sugar in it. She didn't know what it was, so she was really skeptical.  She decided to eat it and dump it on Jax.
I recall her saying, "Now it's time to make a cake on top of Jax's head."
Jax was a great sport.  He usually cries during Bean Boozled, but he mostly smiled during this challenge. Jax's first bag was mayo. EWE! No one in our home, but me, eats mayo or has even tried it. He couldn't bare the thought of eating it, so he chose to have it dumped on him.
Ty got tuna.  Again, none of my kids have ever tried this.
The smell alone was nauseating Lilah.  Ty was brave enough to try it.
He ate it successfully and chose to dump it on Lilah's head.  
This girl's second bag was mango nectar juice.  LUCKY! She drank it with joy.
And retaliated by dumping the rest of the can on her brother's head.
He laughed and said, "It feels so good!" I believe he didn't want to give Lilah the satisfaction that the flies, who were attracted to it, were driving him mad!
Jax's second bag was creamed corn.  
From this photo, you can tell, he tasted it and chose to let his big brother wear it.  
Ty's second bag was chocolate syrup.  Some of you may be thinking, "OH THAT'S EASY!" Yes!!! IF you like chocolate. TY despises it.  He came very close to throwing up.
Things were getting a little out of control at this point.  Ty "ate" the chocolate syrup and then he enjoyed smothering his sister's hair with the rest.
Lilah ate a green olive.
Jax wore them.
Ty ate peppers.
Lilah wore peppers.
Lilah ate sliced peaches.
Jax wore sliced peaches.
Jax got mustard and could not bear the thought of tasting it, so he chose to wear it.
Ty ate black beans
Lilah wore black beans.
Lilah drank milk.
Jax wore milk.
Jax ate apple cider vinegar.
Ty wore it.
Lilah ate boston cream yogurt.
Ty wore boston cream yogurt.
Jax ate spaghetti O's.  
Lilah wore spaghetti O's.  
She didn't like this very much!
And the mess was really starting to gross me out.  The stench of these foods combined was unbelievably horrible.
Ty ate hummus.
Lilah wore hummus.
Lilah ate pickles.
Ty wore pickles.
End result: 21 foods combined, three dirty kids, and about 100 flies! We definitely WON'T be doing this again, but I am glad that I was able to be that "cool" willing mom! Stay tuned for all of the video footage later tonight or tomorrow! I am uploading all of the videos NOW. The clean up was a breeze.  Kids in the shower, roll up tarp, throw it out.  Our tarp was OLD, so I didn't feel like cleaning it off and salvaging it.  I recommended a HUGE plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree.  

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