Saturday, June 11, 2016

A little pool time...

On Thursday, we had a few friends over to our pool.  My girlfriend, Jody, was babysitting our mutual friend Erin's children, and she also had my pastor's two youngest (Gabe and Cami) Jay, Ty's friend from school, and her own children.  She had her own clown car going on.  LOL!
 There was some chicken fighting going on.
The boys lost.
Bubble blowing... It was cute watching Aliza experience a few of her first experiences that day.  She got a good chuckle from her first experience with a water gun and then when she saw Jax blowing bubbles, in the water, she thought it was the funniest thing ever, and she tried to replicate him, without face planting in the water.
Splish splashing...
And water dodgeball, which was far too rough for this mommy to witness.  
It did create a ton of laughter though for this kid (below).
 It was a "peace"full day!!!
Summer is in full swing...

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