Thursday, April 14, 2016

Myrtle Beach Fishing & The Apache Pier

We always make a point to go to the Apache Pier, at least one time, per visit to Myrtle Beach.  THIS TIME, our visit was more adventurous and different though. Both of our boys have fishing poles now, so rather than just taking a walk on the pier, we all were able to enjoy some fishing.  We didn't really know what we were doing at first.  It was like the blind leading the blind AND we still really do NOT claim to know a ton, but we did leave a little more knowledgeable.  The pro fisherman were really kind and helpful.  We started with some fresh bait that we purchased from the pier.  We bought shrimp, but next time I think we will try bloodworms.   
We didn't have a ton of luck this particular day.  Ty did "catch" one fish.  I quote catch because it wasn't his fishing pole that caught it.  It was another fisherman's fishing pole who was catch fish left and right.  He knew Ty had never caught a fish before, so he let Ty reel one of his catches in.  It was still the highlight of the entire beach trip. All we really caught this day was goldfish crackers.
I really do commend Ty though.  He has taken the initiative to string his own fishing pole and learn all about fishing by watching youtube videos.
It began to rain and things were getting not so enjoyable.  The rain was COLD! 
I love the below photo and my camera.  This is a keeper for sure!
We went back the very next day and we caught... a live sea shell.  NO LIE! We even brought it home and after days of it being in our garage, the entire garage stunk like fish.  LOL! We laughed and laughed at this catch.  Clearly, we are NOT fisherman and that's simply OK!
We did see a ton of cool things being caught by other fisherman though: crab, sting rays, fish, etc.
 Striking poses on the pier.  This is what girls do while their brothers fish.
My girl an I ceased this opportunity to take a selfie!
Although our fish collection was non-existent, it was still an entertaining time on the pier!

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