Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bolling Kids!!! ~April 2016

It's no secret! Everyone knows about it.  I have a slight addiction to color coordinating my children.  I do it while on vacation, when we go to dinner, for church, and if I had it my way, it would most definitely happen on school days.  I have had to let go of the color coordinated school outfits. :( While at the beach, I dressed the kids up, every night, color coordinated.  Before dinner, I would snap away!!! I absolutely LOVE how these photos came out.  Ty needed a hair cut desperately, lol, but he still looked handsome.
#Guido (above)
#Prettyprincess (below)
I love the photo (below) of the twins!! Jax was totally annoyed that I wouldn't stop taking photos and Lilah was acting like she was annoyed.  Haha.  Real life and acting at it's finest.
Such a handsome boy!
#Blessed immensely, but they do DRIVE. ME. CRAZEEEE!
Sibling Love!
Smiley and Sass! She's my little jersey girl.
Lilah was really getting into the posing at this point.
Thanks to my ability to color coordinate and the awesome gift of a new camera, from the hubby, I was able to capture these precious photos.

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