Monday, January 25, 2016

Jax's Christmas ~ 2015

Jax was the hardest to shop for.  Part of the reason is because he is a simple kid and doesn't ask or require or expect MUCH. He made his Christmas list and there was 4 things on it and said, at the bottom of his list, "And that's it!" The other thing is that he gets ALL of Ty's hand-me-down toys, electronics, and clothes and really has all that he needs.  He's in between baby and preteen years, so this age is just hard to shop for, for a BOY!
He had a great Christmas though!
He got excited about so much, but he was especially happy about all of his sporting attire.  He got a Steph Curry (Golden State Warrior) Hat and a pair of Steph Curry's shoes.
This was an item that Jax's siblings were jealous over.  He received a HUGE, double bubble gum machine.
Here is my Jax, near his opened gifts.  He was a happy boy!
Next up...time to find out what Santa Claus brought.
Jax was thrilled.  LOL! Santa brought exactly what Jax asked for: legos, a WWE 2016 Playstation Game, and a deluxe build a road race track.
Later, in the day, we started assembling some of his items that required adult help or supervision.  Jax got a turbospoke - a fake exhaust system for a bicycle.  It turns your bike into a dirt bike....well the sound of a dirt bike.  
It comes with three cards.  Each card makes a different sound.  
It came with a bunch of stickers.  Ty and Jax spent some time decorated the outside of the turbospoke.  
I have some footage of Jax riding his bike with the turbospoke on, but I have yet to upload it to youtube.  I will certainly share it with you as soon as I do, BUT I think this is a really fun and unique gift to give to anyone who loves their bike and is looking for some interesting accessories.
We also bought Jax some "See'em Mini LED Spoke Lights" for his bike. We found ours at Walmart. 
Now his bike will be visible in the dark.
Every year, we get the kids a special ornament.  This year, I had a hard time figuring out what to get Jax.  When I spotted this cute hippo, in Hallmark, AND it was the last one left, I had to have it.  Jax LOVES this song.  
Isn't he cute?

Just like every year...our kids ALWAYS return back to what they had BEFORE Christmas.  #sigh.  It makes me want to just go on a great trip, every Christmas, and forget gift giving. 

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