Monday, December 28, 2015

Secret Santa 2015

Every year, our small group girls draw names and participate in Secret Santa.  We have two weeks of delivering gifts secretly, then we go to dinner and have our big reveal.  Here was year 2013 and year 2014.

We have a few rules with Secret Santa.  Week 1: deliver a gift that is between $5-$10.  Week 2: deliver a gift that is between $5-$10. Week 3: bring a gift to dinner that is between $20-$30.  Do NOT spend more than $40 total.  Let's just say I have a hard time sticking to the rules, but I try.  

This year, I had Ashely. This is my second time having her.  I have YET to have Shannon, but I have had everyone else in the small group. WEEK 1: (Taken with iPhone photos).  
Everyone knows that I cannot possibly deliver a gift without making the presentation just right.  SO...I tried horribly to deliver gifts in a NON-Kristin fashion. I thought I even delivered gifts that were NOT so impressive. Her first gift was a personalized gold and ivory ornament with the letter "H" for Harris.  I hooked it to an ornament stand.  

I included a package of "Unreal", quinoa, peanut butter cups. Okay, so it was a HALF eaten package. I even tried to "off set" our budget, by eating one, making it look like I was abiding by the rules
I was starving so this worked out PERFECT.
She said she loves paper clips and stationary, so I also included a small set of both!
I had Ty's teacher, Mrs. Clifford, write a note for me.  I told her what to write.  
She said, "I tried to make it all cute, but then I realized that that would give it away, so I really botched it up and made it look like someone else was writing." I wrote the note as if it came from someone else, using improper grammar!!!  LOL!
Ashely lives in the "Hollar" and it's really hard to deliver gifts to her.  Not only do you have to contend with her schedule, but you also have to contend with goats, dogs, chickens, and cats.  LOL! Duke was gracious to allow me to stop by. 
Oh and "Beware" signs too!
Week 2 was the toughest week of my life, or at least it seemed, and yet I still managed to remember to deliver Ashely's gifts.  
Her first gift was a "tube" of EOS lip balm.  I couldn't just deliver it in it's original packaging.  Eeeekkk! Kristin is slowly revealing herself.  I took it out of the package and used a frosty the snowman print and the EOS balm to create his nose.  It arrived with a note, "Love, Secret Santa."
Again, Kristin reveals herself.  Sense a theme? SNOW! This "tea towel" is so cute.
Christmas stocking clothes pins.  
A personalized "tea towel".  
WINTER hand sanitizer.  
And there's Mr. Duke again.  
It was Ashely's birthday during week two, so I also delivered Christmas colored, birthday balloons to her vehicle (during our Christmas worship service) and attached a note, along with a monogrammed sticker for her next bubba cup.
Ashely is really gullible and so easy to play pranks on, so when I spotted this prank box for an Earwax Candle Kit, I knew I had to get it.  It was perfect to use, to insert her FINAL gift into. This was the best $5.00 I've ever spent!
 From the outside, it appears as if you are gifting an Earwax Candle Kit.  
Simply extract some earwax from your ears, form, accumulate and shape into a candle.  GROSSS!
Insert the real gift inside.  I bought her a scarf and glove set from New York & Company.  
Along with a NEW Alex and Ani bracelet called "Godspeed!"
These are my absolute favorite gifts to give out because they are PERSONAL, affordable, collectible, and trendy!
The true test was when Ashely opened her final gift.  Did Ashely prove herself to be overly kind and sweet when opening the earwax gift, by being too excited to receive it? Was her gullibleness taken to a whole new level or was this girl smart enough to NOT fall for it?  I'll leave you hanging and let you come to the final conclusion.  :)

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  1. I love everything about this post, even the earwax! I loved every gift from my dear SS.


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