Monday, November 16, 2015

Birthday Baking With Birth Friends!

These girls have been friends since birth! What a TRUE gift! I am even jealous.  HAHA.  Julia was turning 7 and she invited her besties over to bake some cupcakes to celebrate.  I'm pretty sure it does NOT get ANY CUTER THAN THIS! From left to right: Kate, Vivian, Ansley, Julia, and Lilah.
 Some of the girls even washed dishes, dishy washy, dishy washy!
Lilah had to leave early, before the party ended.  She had her cheerleading banquet.  She was absolutely bummed, but got over it quickly when she arrived to the Pizza Den to sit with her cheer squad. From what I understand though, the remaining bakers also made homemade pizza.
All photos are compliments of Erin Carroll (Julia's mommy).
Happy 7th Birthday Julia! You are a sweetie pie and we love you! Here's to 7x77 more together :)

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