Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcome Gram and Happy Birthday!

It had been several years since I had seen my mom.  Life simply just got in the way, everyone's schedules conflicted, limited communication, a misunderstanding, a small argument, pain, and all kept us apart.  My heart was aching and I was unable to keep the silence going.  I would think about my mom daily, as I mothered my own children. I just wanted our relationship to get back on track.  I reached out to my mom through a text.  I'm glad we both live by our faith and desire to always forgive, just like our Savior Christ forgave us. We purchased a plane ticket, as a birthday gift, for my mom to come visit.  She arrived on her actually birthday, October 16th.  

My kids were beyond excited.  The morning of the evening that my mom was going to arrive, Lilah exclaimed, "I wish Gram was arriving now, not at the night time!"  After school, on Friday, the kids were excited to make Gram a "Welcome" or "Birthday" sign.
They did such a good job and worked so hard on it.  Ty got caught up on a Prison Break episode and missed the boat on helping.
We prepared for Grams visit and birthday in many ways: first, I purchased cupcakes from Bubblecake! Yum!
And gifts....
A welcome basket filled with goodies and left on "her" Lilah's bed.  
After we were prepared for her arrival, off to the airport we went. 
Jax waited, at the airport terminal, for Gram, with the sign in his hand. Wrong way Jaxey!!! But it sure did make for a great photo.  
There you go! Much better.
Gram arrived.  We chuckled because she was one of the last ones to get off the surprise to us.  Haha.
Of course I had to capture it on video.  
Finally, reunited after three years.
We took Gram to Longhorn Steakhouse and the restaurant gave her a FREE birthday dessert.  We wouldn't let her eat it though.  She hates to waste food, so she brought it home.
After dinner we came home to celebrate the Birthday girl!!!
We let the self-timer capture a few group photos.  
A goofy shot.
Present time!
We bought her new jammies.
A new purse.
A new devotional!
And two Alex and Ani bracelets.  We bought her the cupcake and the mom charm!
What's so funny!
Oh, Gram was showing off her birthday undies.  Hehe.
Ty was laughing so hard!
Gram is always finding ways, intentionally and unintentionally, to make us laugh.
Time to sing Happy Birthday and eat some yummy treats.

Making wishes!!!!!!!
I think it's safe to say GRAM had a fabulous 56th birthday! We love you MOM! Hoping you have 56+ more birthdays to go!!!!!

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